Student Council

We are the ones who stand for justice. We are the creators of a community of active and caring people. We are the support of every student. We are the IIR Student Council.

The main goal of the Students "Council is to create an environment in which every student can feel" at home "not only during studies, but also to find new acquaintances and friends during extracurricular time.

The Student Council coordinates the work of departments and clubs and organizes meetings, lectures and tournaments. And this is not only a meeting over a cup of tea, it is an opportunity to be inspired by the experience of ambassadors, actors, singers, influencers and the most successful students.

The Students "Council is a chance to develop in various fields, participating in the activities of departments and clubs for every taste!

However, our main superhero task is to protect the rights of students before the administration and teaching staff.

"Veselka Krain (Rainbow of countries) 2023-24"


Fair of student self-government bodies

Ярмарок самоврядування

All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Conference "Aspects of Post-War Reintegration of Crimea"

Крим конференція

Meeting with Mstislav Banik - Head of Electronic Services Development in the Ministry of Digital Development

School of student self-government bodies from the Council of Students of the IIR