War through the prism of the lens


On February 27, 2024, a meeting was held, organized by the Volunteer Department of the IIR Student Council, with Ukrainian military photographers Vlada and Konstantin Liberov.


The unique works of the Liberovs fly around the Internet every time and are published on news channels and on the pages of famous politicians. Even Volodymyr Zelenskyy uses their shots to draw the world's attention to the horrors of war that Russian invaders commit on our land.


Participants had the opportunity to learn how Vlada and Konstantin, instead of the usual weddings, began to photograph the war, about the peculiarity of their current work, about the turning points over these two years and other moments that interested listeners. At the end, students had the opportunity to see together with the artists their popular photos in the lobby of the Institute.


On February 26-29, an exhibition of their works "War through the prism of the lens" was held at the institute. Very soon, photos with the signature of the Liberovs will be put up for charity auction.

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