Lecture by Ruslan Spirin on interstate and subregional organizations of North and South America under the mondialized world order of the 21st century


11/04/2024 within the framework of the disciplines: "Integration processes in regional politics" (associate professor Olena KOVTUN) and "Multilateral diplomacy of modernity" (prof. Nataliya YAKOVENKO, associate professor Vyacheslav TSIVATIY) a lecture by H.E. Mr. Ruslan SPIRIN, Ambassador-at-Large, Ukraines Special Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, for masters of the 1st year EP "International Relations" and EP "Diplomacy and International Cooperation". 

The lecture was dedicated to the interstate regional and subregional organizations of North and South America in the conditions of the globalized world system of the 21st century. The master class was full of useful and interesting examples of modern diplomatic practices regarding the mechanisms of regulation of modern international relations, features of world integration processes and tools of multilateral diplomacy of the 21st century. Attention was drawn to the processes of transformation of Ukraine's public diplomacy under martial law, in particular, to the protection and support of Ukraine's national interests during full-scale Russian aggression in various regions of the world.


The speaker shared his own many years of experience as a career diplomat and answered the questions of those seeking higher education, and also urged to promote the dissemination of information about the position of Ukraine on the international arena and to receive information from primary sources, in particular from the page of the special representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Latin America.

We express our sincere gratitude to H.E. Mr. Ruslan SPIRINA for an interesting lecture and a unique professional atmosphere of communication! And waiting for the next meeting!