Interview with Mykola Kapitonenko, Associate Professor of International Relations and Foreign Policy, N1 TV Channel (Serbia)


On February 29, 2024, Mykola Kapitonenko, associate professor of the Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy, commented for the N1 television channel (Serbia) on the interim results and prospects of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

«Many Ukrainians have tried to prepare for this since it became clear last year that Trump had a strong chance of beating Biden. But there is no clear answer on how to prepare for this. We already have experience with Donald Trump as president, and he was the first American president who decided to supply weapons to Ukraine. The decision to send Javelin was Trump's decision, while before that Obama consistently refused for a very long time. So, there is no firm opinion in Ukraine about what Trump will do, although his rhetoric is to some extent very threatening.

"Because his insistence that he can end the war in a short period of time is probably understood in Ukraine as if he would insist that Ukraine surrender, because there is no other way to quickly end the war," says Kapitonenko.

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