Our Partners

The development of bilateral and multilateral international relations and educational and scientific projects is a priority for the Institute.

This page provides information concerning the partners of the Institute, as well as the areas in which we are developing cooperation.


Foreign universities

The Institute realizes and promotes its international relations within the provisions of more than 150 partnership agreements of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv as well as through bilateral memorandums concluded directly between the Institute of International Relations and outstanding foreign higher educational establishments, and scientific centres.

List of bilateral agreements of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

List of bilateral agreements of the Institute of  International Relations


Foreign Diplomatic Missions and organizations in Ukraine

The Institute of International Relations is constantly working to deepen cooperation with representatives of foreign states in Ukraine on the issues of the common organization of conferences, inviting well-known scientists, academics and government officials to give lectures to students, exhibitions and presentations, exchange of educational and scientific literature, the opening of specialized educational and cultural centres on the basis of the Institute, dissemination of information regarding educational services, programs and grants.


International foundations and Academic Exchange Services

The Institute is actively involved in international programs acting with the support of international educational foundations and academic exchange services.

International educational foundations are helping with the organization of the participation of all members of the educational process in numerous internships and summer or language schools, training and seminars, training for different levels of education or research abroad, carrying out promotion and support of international cooperation in education and research.

National and international academic exchange services provide organizational and institutional consulting and support for projects and programs related to exchanges and internships, help with the formation of an information base for programs and grants to support academic mobility, as well as in the implementation of mobility programs, including inviting foreign professors and researchers.


Organizations and institutions

The Institute collaborates with public and private institutions of a different character in the implementation of joint research and production projects, organization of lectures and workshops, analysis and research, peer support internships for students and graduates, etc.

A list of partners of the Institute of International Relations among governmental organizations and institutions is in the attachment.

A list of partners of the Institute of International Relations among non-governmental organizations and institutions and among business structures is in attachment.


Become our partner

The Institute of International Relations Permanently is permanently negotiating with various institutions and universities regarding cooperation in the scientific, educational and cultural areas. The Institute is interested in cooperation with academic institutions in the following spheres:

  • exchange of students and teachers;
  • establishment of joint training programs, including Joint Degree programs;
  • joint research with the possibility of subsequent publication of monographs and other publications in different languages;
  • organization of international conferences, summer and winter schools;
  • common guidance of Master's, PhD and doctoral research.


In collaboration with non-academic institutions, the Institute of International Relations focuses on the following spheres:

  • supporting the actions and events conducted by the Institute;
  • spreading information and contribution to the Charitable organization “The Institute of International Relations Development Fund”;
  • lectures, seminars, workshops;
  • short-term fellowships for graduate students and alumni;
  • implementation of joint scientific and expert projects;
  • exchange of experience and development in areas of mutual interest;
  • thematic cooperation with international information, analytical and research centres;
  • information meetings regarding the study process in different countries;
  • exchange of experience in the major areas of development and management in the field of higher education;
  • organization of training and other exchanges;
  • organization of foreign business trips for scientific-pedagogical staff for teaching and research.


If you have any proposals regarding the establishment of cooperation please contact the officials listed on the page “Contacts”.