Do you have a sensual and big heart where there is enough love for everyone?
Is the fate of orphan children not indifferent to you?
Are you always ready to help ill people?

In our Institute, there is an organization the purpose of which is to make life better.

The charitable organization of the ESIIR are inviting to its friendly circle all the people who want to do good together. The charitable organization is not only about mutual assistance and support! It’s about teamwork, pleasant emotions, cooperation with famous volunteer services and the realization of the bravest ideas 

We are assisting regularly to such establishments:

  • The orphanage “The hope” in the city of Pryluky (Kyiv region)
  • The nurse's home, kindergarten and school in the village of Orlivka (Chernihiv region)
  • “The children’s home” for children with disabilities (CP, AIDS, Down syndrome) in the city of Bila Tserkva (Kyiv region)
  • The private animal shelter “Sirius” in the village of Fedorivka (Kyiv region). It has 2500 animals that make it the biggest animal shelter in Europe

Among the traditional events of the organization are:

  • The charity journeys
  • The book fair
  • The blood drive
  • The charitable football matches