The Chair continues to develop as the main centre of the Ukrainian (Kyiv) international law school. Within the framework of the scientific school of the Chair, the areas of the theory of international law, the history of international law, international economic law, the law of international organizations, human rights, external relations law, international maritime law, international air law, international humanitarian law, international security law has been made.

The faculty of the Chair founded the scientific and practical journal "Ukrainian Journal of International Law", in which the modern issues of the theory and practice of international law are explored. This scientific publication has become a forum for discussion between international lawyers, a testing ground for scientific discoveries. Scientists of the Chair took an active part in the work of the Ukrainian Association of International Law.


"Ukrainian Journal of International Law" (UJIL)

The Chair has a student international public law science club. Students take an active part in meetings of the European Youth Parliament, and scientific conferences, and conduct scientific seminars and debates on various issues of contemporary international law. A lot of students and postgraduates from the department were trained at universities, and partners of our Institute from the UK, Belgium, and Germany. With the support of the Chair of International Law, students successfully compete in the following international competitions every year: Modeling of the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court Modeling, WTO Law Competition, Willem Vis International Competition for Arbitration, Philip Jessup International Public Law Competition and others.

In 2004, the publication of the book series "Library of the Department of International Law" was started, aimed at ensuring the continuity of scientific work of teachers, postgraduates and applicants for scientific degrees attached to the Chair. Within this series, monographs and textbooks of current teachers and staff of the department, as well as the work of teachers of the department from the XIX and early XX centuries, are published. Gradually, the electronic library of the Chair is being formed, which includes electronic articles of students and postgraduate students of the Chair, their translations of foreign literature on international law, and all scientific, bachelor's and master's works on international law topics. In order to improve the quality of teaching, and to intensify the process of scientific research highly qualified teachers and specialists of scientific institutions and organizations are constantly invited to take part in the teaching, methodological and research work of the Chair.


Areas of scientific research

The main theme of scientific research of the Chair is "International legal support of foreign policy and foreign economic activity of the state", which is specified in the following areas:

  1. International legal support of the activities of Ukrainian representations in international organizations.
  2. The international legal activity of diplomatic missions.
  3. Representation of interests in international judicial and quasi-judicial bodies.
  4. International legal support for solving specific foreign policy and foreign economic problems.


Scientific publications: monographs, textbooks:

In 2004, on the occasion of the 170th anniversary of Kyiv University and the 60th anniversary of the Institute of International Relations, the book series "Library of the Chair of International Law" was launched, in which the scientific works of former and current teachers of the Chair are published.

The Chair has prepared a number of textbooks and manuals, among which, in particular, the first in Ukraine academic course of international law, edited by Professor V.H. Butkevych, whose first volume was published in 2003 (Butkevych V.H., Mytsyk V.V., Zadorozhny O.V. International Law, Fundamentals of Theory: Textbook / edited by V.H.Butkevych, K., 2003 ), the second one - in 2004 (International Law - Key areas: Textbook / edited by V.H.Butkevych - K., 2004). Lecture notes on the basics of the theory of international law for students of the third year of the department of international law, prepared by O.V. Zadorozhny, V.H. Butkevych and V.V. Mytsyk, are popular among students of other Ukrainian higher educational institutions (first edition - 2001, second - 2004).

In 2018 and 2019, the updated textbooks on international law prepared by the staff of the Department were published: Public International Law : textbook : in 2 volumes / V. V. Mytsyk, M. V. Buromenskyi, M. M. Hnatovskyi and others; edited by V. V. Mytsyk. - Vol. 2 : The main branches. - Kharkiv: Pravo, 2018. and International public law : textbook : in 2 volumes / V. V. Mytsyk, M. V. Buromenskyi, O. V. Butkevych, et al. - Vol. 1 : Fundamentals of theory. - Kharkiv: Pravo, 2019.


Textbooks and methodical publications:

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