The Educational and Scientific Institute of International Relations today is a modern educational and scientific centre with a branched structure and a flexible system of the educational process organization, which has 12 specialized chairs and one all-Institute chair of foreign languages; they provide training in several directions:

The Institute trains about 2500 students, post-graduate students and trainees; nearly 250 of them are nationals of more than 20 countries of the world; over 300 people are gaining a second degree extramurally.

Nowadays 186 members of the teaching staff are in charge of the academic process at the Institute. Famous scholars, tutors and practitioners of other Taras Shevchenko National University departments, other universities and research institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries are invited to deliver lectures and workshops, and supervise diplomas and course works. Officials of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, other ministries and departments of Ukraine, foreign statesmen and diplomats speak to the students on a regular basis.

An extremely important innovation in the academic process is the development and practical implementation of the Master's programmes in English within specialities “International Relations, Public Communication and Regional Studies”,  “International Law” and “International Economic Relations”, as well as Bachelor's Programmes in English within specialities “International Law” and  “International Economic Relations”.

The Institute trains also specialists within the Department of Postgraduate Education.

Setting up the strategy and tactics of its development, the Institute proceeds from the need to strengthen the practical component in the training of future specialists. After all, our current approach is to implement the motto "Education is not just for the sake of a diploma, but for successful employment". One of the most effective forms of the development of student competence, launched and developed at the Institute, is a regular holding of master classes for the master's students with the involvement of practitioners from both the state and the business sector.

Nowadays master classes are increasingly used in the educational process as a practice-oriented and effective learning method. Their principal objectives are to train the necessary skills for the chosen speciality, show approaches for being successful in learning and working and even teach a foreign language for special purposes. In addition, the use of master classes as a form of training provides the possibility of having an internship at an institution or a firm, which is represented by an invited expert (as a rule, by a managerial agent), and, in the case of success, getting a job at the same institution.

The master classes of senior officials from the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine that are given by heads and deputy heads of the Ministry departments are permanent forms of training. The subjects of the master classes are compatible with the relevant curriculum courses.

The Institute has numerous laboratories, such as the Teaching Aids Laboratory, Information and Computer Studies Laboratory, Laboratory of Educational Process Methodological and Publication Support, Scientific Library, Internet Center etc.

The Institute of International Relations is the hub of numerous national and international scientific conferences, seminars, symposia, and round tables on a wide range of global issues. In addition, meetings are organized with high foreign guests and ambassadors of foreign states to Ukraine.

The IIR operates specialized scientific councils on candidate and doctoral dissertations defence and one-time specialized scientific councils for the defence of PhD.

The Institute is constantly expanding and strengthening contacts with universities and research centres in Ukraine and abroad. International cooperation is carried out both under agreements of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, and on the basis of bilateral agreements on cooperation signed between the Institute and the leading foreign universities and research institutions. Within the framework of the inter-university agreements, the Institute cooperates with more than 60 partner institutions of higher education from the UK, Belgium, Greece, Egypt, Iran, Spain, Canada, China, Germany, South Korea, Poland, USA, France, Japan and others.

Over the years, the faculty and then the Institute has trained more than 10,000 professionals, including both citizens of Ukraine and citizens of 90 countries of the world.