Appeal of Director

Dear graduates, colleagues, students and friends (partners) of the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University!

The Institute of International Relations is a leading educational and scientific centre which is the leading institution among national universities. Students come from diverse backgrounds - both local and international. Furthermore, the graduates of the Institute, are prominent statesmen, influential politicians, diplomats, directors of large enterprises, institutions and organizations, or well-known scientists and scholars. The institute is proud of the success of its graduates, as with your achievements and professionalism you multiply the glory of the IIR, turning its name into a brand.

It's time to bring together all those who started their lives and professional achievements in the walls of the Relations and now continues to affirm them, to unite confederates, to whom the IIR will forever remain a symbol of professionalism, morality and education; who value the traditions and ideals of the university, who have the determination and the opportunity to contribute to the comprehensive development of their Alma-mater.

At the initiative of the Administration of the Institute of International Relations in October 2011 the formation process of Endowment (Fund of development of the Institute) was set up. World-leading universities receive 25-40% of income from Endowment`s budget.

The worldwide practice of such funds has more than 500-year-old history. The Fund is aimed at the accumulation of the inviolable target capital for the maintenance of the financial stability of the Institute, successful realization of the statutory purposes, strategic development, and independence of economic and public changes. The Fund’s purpose is an accumulation of the financial resources that are coming from students, graduates, as well as from business partners, from all those, who care about our country’s future. The incomes of their investments are put into the formation and development of the IIR as a national research world-level institute and educating of diplomats at the international level. The fund of development of the IIR not only accurately declares those directions for which all means will be spent, but also inherits transparency principles, which gives the chance to investors to be sure of the appropriate use of their investments in the financial.

Realizing that the existence of such institutes in the country is an index of its progressiveness in the world, the first contribution to the Fund of development of the IIR was made by its graduate Petr Alekseevich Poroshenko. We invite all graduates, students, colleagues and friends of the Institute to follow the lead of the member of the Ukrainian Parliament (3, 4, 5 convocations), the Minister of Foreign Affairs (2009-2010) P. A. Poroshenko to take part in the formation of Endowment and to bring the feasible contribution to the further development of the IIR.

Every contribution will be accepted with gratitude, and your name will be written on the new pages of the history of the famous university. Investing in education is tantamount to investing in the future!

We look forward to your cooperation and are ready to send you an official proposal.

Sincerely, Director of the Institute of International Relations, Professor V.V. Kopiyka
Director of Fund Development, docent V.P. Mazurenko